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Remain Covered After Your Lincoln Factory Warranty Expires

why you should get a lincoln extended warranty

Summer is here, and school is out, which means more vacations and more traveling. Between quick day trips and long cross-country drives, it’s easy for vehicle owners to forget when their Lincoln factory warranty expires. Don’t let that be you. Breakdowns can occur even in the midst of summer fun, and here at Smith Ford…

Ford Truck Warranty – PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan

purchase a smith ford truck warranty

Ford trucks are among the best in the world, holding the highest tow rating and lowest fuel economy in the half-ton category. A technologically advanced truck needs an advanced warranty. The Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty is here to provide the optimal coverage you need in the event of the unexpected. Here at Smith Ford ESP,…

5 Benefits of a Ford F150 Extended Warranty

ford f150 extended warranty

Cover Your Ford F-150 with an Extended Warranty We love how Ford keeps revolutionizing their trucks with technological and structural advances. Each year the models get tougher giving you more bang for your buck. This year, the NHTSA gave the 2018 F-150 SuperCrew a five-star safety rating. It comes to no surprise since this beauty…

Choose from 4 Great Plans to Save Big on Repairs with Ford Powertrain Warranty

ford powertrain warranty

Breakdowns Happen, That’s When Ford ESP Powertrain Warranty Pays For Itself No one expects their vehicle to break down, and it usually happens at the worst time possible. Vacation season is here. We survived another cold winter and windy spring. It’s time for a much-needed break; you deserve it! You made plans to enjoy the…

Our Extended Ford Truck Warranty Saves the Day!

Ford Warranty

Planting Season is Here The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are rising. We’re excited about the change of the season and anticipate all it has to offer. For our nation’s farmer, the time to prepare the fields and sow crops has arrived. Here at Smith Ford ESP, we understand how important timeliness is…

The Benefits of a Ford Extended Warranty

ford extended warranty benefits

Throughout the years, Smith Ford Warranty has offered the official Ford Extended Service Plan as wholesale pricing to the public. There are no surprises or shortcuts with our pricing because we are serious about providing Ford vehicle owners with the finest extended warranty coverage at affordable prices. We also understand the Ford extended warranty must…

A Day in the Life of a Ford PremiumCARE Warranty

ford premium care warranty

Driving to work one cold, frigid morning Michael’s 2014 Ford Explorer did not seem to be heating up correctly. He did not have time to warm the car up before he got driving—he made pancakes from scratch for the kids that ended up taking a lot longer than he thought. He had his heat blasted…

Love Your Ford? Protect it – Ford ESP Warranty

ford esp warranty

Ford ESP Warranty = Peace of Mind We can all agree that seatbelts are incredibly important. They save lives, and not wearing one is one of the most reckless things someone can do when behind the wheel of an automobile. While seat belts provide peace of mind, there is another aspect of driving that most…

Can I Increase My Resale Value by Buying an Extended Ford Warranty?

extended ford warranty

The time has come for you to upgrade your vehicle. You know this has been overdue for some time, but it’s always difficult to let your cherished, memory-filled vehicle go. However, you are a bit anxious about reselling, but transferring your extended Ford warranty to the new owner of your vehicle will enhance its value. Is…

Lincoln Extended Warranty – Don’t Let Repairs Set You Back

lincoln extended warranty

The drive home from work is pleasant. Traffic is light and your favorite song just came onto the radio. But then you start to hear a strange noise. Smoke then starts to seep through your hood as the engine lights pop on and car starts to slow. A feeling of hopelessness starts to set in…

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