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Archive for August 2018

Protect Your Investment With A Ford Service Warranty

smith ford service warranty covering repair costs

Your home is an investment, your health is an investment, and your vehicle is no different. Your Ford deserves the same protection as your other investments do, and Smith Ford is here to help. We provide retail quality extended service warranties at prices that no one else can match, and we value each of our clients…

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What To Do When Your Ford Factory Warranty Expires?

protect your ford after your factory warranty expires

Picture this: you’re on a family road trip this summer hundreds of miles from home. You’re cruising down a winding mountain interstate in your Ford Fiesta when your transmission starts slipping. You don’t want to put any additional pressure on your transmission, but you still have 200 miles before you reach your destination. What do…

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Ford ESP Extended Warranty For Focus

Ford ESP extended warranty by Smith Ford

A Focus On Expansive Coverage The history of Ford vehicles proves them to be trusted daily drivers, which is one of the many reasons the Ford Focus is a popular choice for many individuals and families. With high gas mileage, a modern appearance, and technologically advanced features such as electronic stability control, this hatchback sedan…

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Why Should I Choose The Ford Premium Care Warranty?

Why choose a Ford Premium Care Warranty from Smith Ford

Are You Considering Ford Premium Care for Your Ride? Our customers share many stories with us detailing how the Ford Premium Care warranty saved not only their wallet but their day as well. The extended warranties provided by Smith Ford are factory backed and transferable when you decide to sell your vehicle. Pondering whether the…

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