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Breakdowns Happen, That’s When Ford ESP Powertrain Warranty Pays For Itself

No one expects their vehicle to break down, and it usually happens at the worst time possible. Vacation season is here. We survived another cold winter and windy spring. It’s time for a much-needed break; you deserve it! You made plans to enjoy the open road and cruise in your Ford to your favorite relaxation destinations. Dreams of beach-front lounging, lakeside camping, or mountainous hikes to enjoy the crisp, clear air dance through your mind during every waking moment. You paid deposits on your reservations and are oh so ready to kick back and relax. A vacation is your time to enjoy yourself. You’ve worked very hard! Wouldn’t you know, this is when the unpredicted breakdown rears its ugly head. Your engine stalls on the road and the vacation you’ve planned for all year is only a week away! Luckily you purchased an Official Ford Extended Service Plan, and this official ford warranty covers your powertrain. Included in this comprehensive coverage is roadside assistance which is always available around the clock. When the unexpected happens, you have coverage!

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What does Ford Powertrain Warranty Cover?

Your Ford vehicle has many complex components. Choosing the right extended warranty for your needs is easy with Smith Ford by your side. With four warranty plans to choose from, we work with you to find the right officially backed Ford warranty package for your vehicle. You can choose from PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare or PowertrainCare. Our PowertrainCare warranty covers 84 components including engine, transmission, rear and front wheel drive. When our comprehensive warranty covers your powertrain, you don’t have to fear high repair costs.  Engine and transmission repairs can easily be over a thousand dollars! One repair bill can exceed the price of your extended warranty. Our coverage gets your vehicle repaired by Ford certified mechanics using genuine Ford parts and back on the road, so you never miss a beat. While your car is in the shop, you are provided loaner car benefits.

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Why Choose a Ford Extended Service Plan?

Here at Smith Ford, we are confident in the value the officially backed Ford ESP warranties have to offer. We provide 0% interest financing options for up to 24 months. Financing is available for most plans and everyone qualifies! If you decide after your purchase that the Ford ESP warranty isn’t right for you, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. When you compare the cost of repairs and maintenance to the value of our powertrain warranties, it’s easy to calculate how much you will save in the long term with a Ford powertrain warranty. Repairs to your beloved truck or SUV are made simple. Just take your vehicle to any Ford Dealership, and their certified technicians will make the repairs to get you back on the road. When you are ready to upgrade to the next Ford in your life, your extended warranty is transferable to the new owners. This proves to be a valuable investment. Life’s hiccups won’t put a damper on your plans when you have Ford ESP warranties on which to rely. Get a FREE Ford ESP quote today for the coverage you deserve.