ford f150 extended warranty

Cover Your Ford F-150 with an Extended Warranty

We love how Ford keeps revolutionizing their trucks with technological and structural advances. Each year the models get tougher giving you more bang for your buck. This year, the NHTSA gave the 2018 F-150 SuperCrew a five-star safety rating. It comes to no surprise since this beauty features an aluminum alloy truck body and boxed frame reinforced with high-strength steel. High-performance truck owners appreciate the benefits of a Ford F-150 extended warranty ensuring their quality investment continues to run like new for years to come. Thoroughly thought out purchases benefit from an investment in a comprehensive warranty. Today we explore 5 benefits of our warranties so you can see how quickly they pay for themselves.   

Stuck on the road?

We know it’s no fun to be broke down on the road. It’s stressful and usually happens at the worst of times. All of Smith Ford’s extended warranties provide 24-hour roadside assistance. You and your truck won’t get stranded for long. Directly call the toll free number on your extended warranty for help. Our representatives will ensure a quick response in your time of need to get you back on track. Whether its a flat tire, dead battery or getting locked out of your F-150, we are ready to help! Our extended warranty won’t let an unexpected event ruin your day.

Don’t Stress; Extended Warranty Includes Towing Services

No one wants to leave their investment sitting on the side of the road. It’s no wonder that our comprehensive extended warranty plans include towing services. Get your truck towed to a service center for repairs and be on your way to your next destination. Benefit from your extended warranty inclusive rental car assistance. Waste no time with Smith Ford’s extensive coverage. We offer discounts on Ford’s factory-backed extended warranty you won’t find offered by overzealous car dealers. We don’t need high-pressure sales tactics because our valuable plans speak for themselves. When you need a warranty to protect your valuable truck, one should look no further than Smith Ford.

great service by dealership technicians on Ford F-150 trucks

Know What You’re Paying For

Surprises can be pleasant, but not when it comes to a costly repair. Our warranty guarantees no surprises or expenses. Check out our money saving PremiumCare Warranty; it covers so many parts and elements of your truck that we only list the parts excluded from the warranty. Among the items included are powertrain, brakes, suspension, and even the audio system! Our outline of the Ford F-150 Extended Warranty coverage guarantees clarity and your peace of mind, which ensures you know the full extent of your coverage. No questions are left unanswered. What’s even better, you can call our specialists if you ever need answers. We are here for you in your time of need.

Ford F-150 extended warranty is like having a Pit Crew

Non-Stop Ford Coverage

No matter where you go, your extended warranty covers your truck! Benefit from non-stop coverage and feel like you have a personal Pit Crew. With costly repairs completed by Ford Dealership Technicians using quality Ford parts, our warranties quickly save you money. Air conditioner leaking? No worries! It’s easy to be confident in your Ford F-150 when you know you can visit any dealership in the United States or Canada for unexpected repairs.

100% Owner to Owner Transferable

When the time comes for you to upgrade to the next vehicle in your life, your extended warranty transfers to the next owner of your truck. This feature increases the resale value and is a fantastic selling point. We see many owners benefit from the inclusion of an extended warranty when they choose to sell their prized Ford. Especially since this relays to the future owner that you took care of your truck and invested in its health.

Ford Extended Warranty for longevity

Protect Your Best in Class Ford Truck

A lot has changed with Ford Trucks over the years. One thing you can count on is a quality truck that outlasts its competition. With our Ford F-150 Extended Warranty covering unexpected repair costs, it’s easy to keep your truck rambling right along. Reminding us of a song from the 1920’s “Little Old Ford Just Rambled Right Along” describes how a classic ford always keeps going, outperforming all other vehicles on the road. Some things never change! Maybe you’ll even pass your cherished Ford F-150 on to your family one day. Fords are definitely built to last and unexpected repairs are made easy with our extended warranties. Call Smith Ford today or fill out our online form for a Free Warranty Quote and keep your truck rolling right along!