Throughout the years, Smith Ford Warranty has offered the official Ford Extended Service Plan as wholesale pricing to the public. There are no surprises or shortcuts with our pricing because we are serious about providing Ford vehicle owners with the finest extended warranty coverage at affordable prices. We also understand the Ford extended warranty must include features that can assist you during stressful car breakdowns or financially burdensome repairs. Even now, we continue to challenge the status quo to reflect better the specific coverage you may need for your vehicle. There are many vital components to our extended warranties, which is why we are excited to share the benefits of investing in a Ford extended warranty.

Optimal Plan Selections

Here at Smith Ford Warranty, we have a variety of packages that cover different extensive parts for your vehicle. These warranties can cover various components and major systems ranging from engines and brakes to heating, cooling, and electrical systems. All of our warranties come equipped with roadside assistance, so you can have support when your vehicle breaks down.  Our extended warranties can also help you financially when it is time to make significant repairs to your car, truck, or SUV. Our coverage comes with four different extended warranty plans, Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty, Ford ExtraCARE Extended Warranty, and Diesel Extended Warranty. Find out which Ford extended warranty coverage is right for you.

Rest for Your Wallet and Your Worries

Smith Ford Warranty provides you with peace of mind so you can quit worrying about putting a dent in your wallet. When it’s time to trade or sell your car, an extended Ford warranty helps your vehicle appeal to more potential buyers. Having an extended warranty for your vehicle is highly applicable in today’s complex market because technology is rapidly changing and advancing. You need protection from future breakdowns and rising car repair costs. This is especially true of older cars that are more prone to costly repairs. Therefore the Ford extended warranty can be a security net as your car ages.

Reliable Support

Selecting the perfect coverage for your vehicle can depend upon a multitude of factors, and our Smith Ford Warranty team is happy to help you choose the best coverage plan for your needs.  Call us toll-free today at 1-866-599-6444 or email us at to get a discount and discover how much you can save! We can also speak to you about our Ford extended warranty features, which can come in handy during emergencies. For instance, if your car breaks down,  you have access to our towing and rental services. You can learn more about our Ford extended warranty features.

Lasting Partnership

Not only do you gain reliable customer support and roadside assistance by investing in a Ford extended warranty, but you also have connections to our Ford mechanic shops that are familiar with the warranty coverage and procedures. Having this partnership with us means that you can get on the road faster and save money in the process.

With our different packages, you are bound to find the perfect extended warranty plan for your car.  You can check the rest of our website to learn more about our warranty deals, or call us today to chat about these beneficial features! The proof of our customers’ satisfaction lies in our passion for finding a Ford extended warranty plan that works for you and your vehicle!