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A Day in the Life of a Ford PremiumCARE Warranty

ford premium care warranty

Driving to work one cold, frigid morning Michael’s 2014 Ford Explorer did not seem to be heating up correctly. He did not have time to warm the car up before he got driving—he made pancakes from scratch for the kids that ended up taking a lot longer than he thought. He had his heat blasted…

Love Your Ford? Protect it – Ford ESP Warranty

ford esp warranty

Ford ESP Warranty = Peace of Mind We can all agree that seatbelts are incredibly important. They save lives, and not wearing one is one of the most reckless things someone can do when behind the wheel of an automobile. While seat belts provide peace of mind, there is another aspect of driving that most…

Can I Increase My Resale Value by Buying an Extended Ford Warranty?

extended ford warranty

The time has come for you to upgrade your vehicle. You know this has been overdue for some time, but it’s always difficult to let your cherished, memory-filled vehicle go. However, you are a bit anxious about reselling, but transferring your extended Ford warranty to the new owner of your vehicle will enhance its value. Is…

Lincoln Extended Warranty – Don’t Let Repairs Set You Back

lincoln extended warranty

The drive home from work is pleasant. Traffic is light and your favorite song just came onto the radio. But then you start to hear a strange noise. Smoke then starts to seep through your hood as the engine lights pop on and car starts to slow. A feeling of hopelessness starts to set in…

Ford Extended Warranty – A Full Measure to Protect Your Car

ford extended warranty

A terrible mistake that auto repair shops see consistently is people who trusted a faulty extended warranty company. There are hundreds of warranty companies in the United States, all of which appear to claim the same thing when it comes to Ford extended warranties. A good way of shopping is looking for the best deal,…

Why Ford PremiumCARE Auto Extended Warranty Includes the Right Coverage

ford premium care extended warranty

One day Richard noticed small puddles of oil on his driveway coming from underneath his sedan. After having it checked at his local Ford dealership, leaky engine seals were the cause of the problem. The cost of repairs never crossed Richard’s mind, because he had purchased an extended warranty from his local used car dealership.…

Ford Vehicle Owners Should Use Caution When Purchasing an Auto Extended Warranty Online 

free quote Ford Extended Service Plan

Smith Ford, since 1927, recommends the official Ford Extended Service Plan as the best choice for auto extended warranty protection. Backed by the Ford Motor Company, the Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP) provides genuine Ford parts and factory trained technicians for all covered repairs. If you Google-search the term “Ford extended warranty,” dozens of offerings…

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Ford Extended Warranty

In the ‘old days’ most people purchased a Ford Extended warranty at the same place they purchased their vehicle. They didn’t even consider another option because there simply wasn’t one! It just seemed to make the most sense. Thankfully, times are changing. It’s 2017 – and we’re all about the internet. Factory-backed Ford extended warranties that could once only be purchased at your…

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