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Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty

Why Should I Choose The Ford Premium Care Warranty?

Why choose a Ford Premium Care Warranty from Smith Ford

Are You Considering Ford Premium Care for Your Ride? Our customers share many stories with us detailing how the Ford Premium Care warranty saved not only their wallet but their day as well. The extended warranties provided by Smith Ford are factory backed and transferable when you decide to sell your vehicle. Pondering whether the…

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Ford Truck Warranty – PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan

purchase a smith ford truck warranty

Ford trucks are among the best in the world, holding the highest tow rating and lowest fuel economy in the half-ton category. A technologically advanced truck needs an advanced warranty. The Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty is here to provide the optimal coverage you need in the event of the unexpected. Here at Smith Ford ESP,…

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5 Benefits of a Ford F150 Extended Warranty

ford f150 extended warranty

Cover Your Ford F-150 with an Extended Warranty We love how Ford keeps revolutionizing their trucks with technological and structural advances. Each year the models get tougher giving you more bang for your buck. This year, the NHTSA gave the 2018 F-150 SuperCrew a five-star safety rating. It comes to no surprise since this beauty…

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A Day in the Life of a Ford PremiumCARE Warranty

ford premium care warranty

Driving to work one cold, frigid morning Michael’s 2014 Ford Explorer did not seem to be heating up correctly. He did not have time to warm the car up before he got driving—he made pancakes from scratch for the kids that ended up taking a lot longer than he thought. He had his heat blasted…

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Why Ford PremiumCARE Auto Extended Warranty Includes the Right Coverage

ford premium care extended warranty

One day Richard noticed small puddles of oil on his driveway coming from underneath his sedan. After having it checked at his local Ford dealership, leaky engine seals were the cause of the problem. The cost of repairs never crossed Richard’s mind, because he had purchased an extended warranty from his local used car dealership.…

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