Why choose a Ford Premium Care Warranty from Smith Ford

Are You Considering Ford Premium Care for Your Ride?

Our customers share many stories with us detailing how the Ford Premium Care warranty saved not only their wallet but their day as well. The extended warranties provided by Smith Ford are factory backed and transferable when you decide to sell your vehicle. Pondering whether the benefits of an aftermarket warranty for your new-to-you used car or truck outweigh the cost? When an unfortunate breakdown occurs, a warranty offers significant savings on repairs. Today we share Brad’s extended warranty experience. See for yourself how having a Ford extended warranty service plan benefits you.

Not All Extended Service Warranties Are Created Equally

Brad purchased a used Ford F-150 intended to be his daily driver. He also needed something to haul his boat and trailer to and from his lake getaway and knew the F-150 would be perfect for the job. Since Brad relied on his new purchase to get him to and from work every day, he decided to look into purchasing an extended warranty. After shopping around online and reading the reviews of many different extended warranty providers, Brad found many providers had negative reviews primarily because Ford did not back their warranty and didn’t include what the customer was initially led to believe was included. He was beginning to question whether he should even bother to buy a Ford ESP until he came across Smith Ford’s Premium Care Extended Service Warranty. All the fine details were clearly outlined and easy to understand. The warranties were factory backed and covered over 1,000 components including engine, transmission, and electrical. Brad knew he had found the right warranty and sent the information for his free online quote.

Expansive Coverage With A Smooth Transaction

Brad quickly received the Ford ESP quote. It wasn’t nearly as expensive as he had initially feared! Smith Ford made it simple to purchase a Ford ESP warranty, and now Brad had the extended coverage for which he was searching. Within the first 30 days of Brad’s purchase, his Ford F-150 began to have a few electrical issues. It seemed there was short in the connection to the dashboard. Since the Ford Premium Care extended warranty covers electrical components, Brad took his truck to his trusted Ford Dealership. Their skilled mechanics were able to identify and fix the problem. When Brad asked for the bill, the service manager just smiled and said the warranty paid for the repair 100%. Later that day Brad was back on the road, and everything was functioning like new!   

Smooth Sailing Until Tragedy Strikes

Extended Warranties save you from drowning in costly repairsThe weeks and months flew by, and the F-150 kept trucking along. That is until Brad’s driver side tire had a late night affair with a nail on the highway. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find his tire iron to change it. What an inconvenience! Luckily, Ford Premium Care has 24-7 roadside assistance. He called the toll free number on his warranty card and enjoyed the night air while his flat tire was removed and replaced by the spare. The following week Brad took a much-needed trip to the lake, attached his boat and trailer, and made the long drive to enjoy a lovely weekend on the water. He backed down the boat ramp, set his parking brake, and began to unload his boat. Suddenly he realized the water was getting deeper. Brad’s parking brake failed. Choppy darkening waters gradually swallowed his truck and trailer as they rolled further down the ramp into the deepening abyss of the lake. It looks like that PremiumCare Warranty definitely paid for itself. Brad’s weekend didn’t go as planned, but luckily he made a choice to invest in his truck and purchased a factory-backed extended warranty.

Don’t Drown In Costly Repairs


Not all stories are like Brad’s, but one thing is for sure, you never know what life is going to throw at you. Vehicle repairs add up quickly and usually strike when you don’t have the extra cash. Smith Ford offers deep discounts on factory-backed extended warranties ensuring coverage when unexpected vehicle issues occur. Be confident in your purchase of an extended warranty from a reputable business who has served the community since 1923. We even offer you a 60-day money back guarantee, just in case you change your mind. Our clearly outlined extended warranties ensure you know what is and is not covered by your Ford ESP. All Ford models are eligible for our extended service plans as well as Lincoln models. When shopping for an aftermarket warranty look no further than Smith Ford, your official online provider of Ford ESP Warranty Plans. We pride ourselves on getting you the biggest bang for your buck, all while providing cost-effective warranty plans. Fill out our online form for your free warranty quote today.