Ford ESP Extended Warranty for the Ford FocusA Focus On Expansive Coverage

The history of Ford vehicles proves them to be trusted daily drivers, which is one of the many reasons the Ford Focus is a popular choice for many individuals and families. With high gas mileage, a modern appearance, and technologically advanced features such as electronic stability control, this hatchback sedan is a go-to for many purchasers. Smith Ford recognizes the importance of your vehicle’s dependability and offers the Ford ESP extended warranty with a focus on covering new and used purchases. Unexpected vehicle repairs are made easy with this comprehensive warranty. Skilled technicians complete repairs at any Ford dealership in the United States with official Ford parts. Protect your investment and prepare for the unexpected with a Ford factory-backed extended service plan.

Ford ESP Extended Warranty Provides Reliable Coverage

We have all had a poor vehicle performance day, and it usually happens when there is no time for such a delay. Fortunately, the Ford ESP extended warranty offers protection including 24-hour roadside assistance and towing services. Our comprehensive coverage ensures your minor setback doesn’t become a day-long tragedy. Recently we received a testimonial from one of our service plan customers. Today we share Nancy’s extended warranty experience.  

“I bought my Ford Focus in February from my local used car dealership. The salesman was really pushy and kept insisting I purchase the extended warranty they offered in-house. It seemed expensive, and I felt uncomfortable that he didn’t share much information on the warranty and what it exactly covered on my Focus. When I got home and explained to my eldest son the salesman’s pushy behavior, he helped me search for extended warranties online. We found Smith Ford, who outlined all their extended warranties clearly and had great reviews. Curious about the cost, I filled out their online quote. The price quote I received was nowhere near the price the salesman gave me at the dealership. Smith Ford offered a much more affordable rate for coverage listed in detail. With all of my questions answered during a phone call to their very helpful customer service line, I felt comfortable choosing the ExtraCare extended warranty package. Good thing I got that extended warranty! While taking my grandkids to the Zoo for the day, my tire went flat on the interstate. I called the toll free number on my warranty card. Roadside assistance arrived so quickly, and we were on our way in no time. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but after our fun day at the Zoo, I realized I locked my keys in the car. Again, I called the toll free number, and they were happy to assist me with my situation. My extended warranty helped twice in one day avoid what could have been a tragedy; I am so happy I found Smith Ford online. Thank you for being so very helpful and offering a great price!”Roadside assistance and Locksmith services included with Ford ESP extended warranties

Ready For Whatever Comes Around The Next Bend

Life throws a curveball every now and again. One day you’re cruising right along then you get hit by an unexpected repair bill. Smith Ford is proud to offer the comprehensive coverage of our extended warranty plans preparing you for the unexpected. With our four exclusive Ford ESP extended warranty plans, you can choose the right coverage for your needs.  Take the first step and invest in comprehensive coverage for your Ford vehicle. Fill out our online warranty quote today and experience the savings Smith Ford has to offer!