Ford trucks are among the best in the world, holding the highest tow rating and lowest fuel economy in the half-ton category. A technologically advanced truck needs an advanced warranty. The Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty is here to provide the optimal coverage you need in the event of the unexpected. Here at Smith Ford ESP, we are your go-to official discount Ford truck warranty provider. We want to ensure that you and your vehicle are protected. With over 90 years in the industry, and receiving an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau, we have the resources to give you better peace of mind.

How Am I Covered?

From something as simple as a battery jump-start to an elaborate electrical failure, we have you covered. The Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty not only includes all of the electric and mechanical components on your vehicle but also features rental car benefits if your truck needs to stay in the shop. Going on a cross-country road trip? Under our extended warranty, you have access to every Ford auto-shop across North America, so no matter where the failure occurs, you’re covered. Not just that, but the Key Services and transferability options make this plan tough to beat. Ensure the maximum protection that you and your vehicle deserve. Only the Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty will cover the emissions, audio, and safety components of your truck. Assume the unexpected, protect your truck with our extended warranty.

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How Will I Save Money?

The Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty provides you with maximum savings. Forget shelling out thousands of dollars in repair fees. Instead, get your truck serviced by Ford certified technicians using Ford authorized parts, all for just the price of your deductible. One repair bill could easily surpass the cost of our Ford truck warranty plan. Get the highest coverage at the price you deserve. Here at Smith Ford ESP, we are an official discount provider of the Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty. We will strive to provide you with maximum protection at one low price. Want to sell your Ford truck? No problem, you can easily transfer your warranty to the next owner, which creates a significant selling point. No surprises, no additional fees, the price we give is the price you pay.

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Smith Ford ESP Is Here For You

Forget outrageous repair bills. Smith Ford ESP is here to provide your truck with the maximum coverage it needs. From simple to complicated repairs, the Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty is the only plan that covers every single component of your Ford truck. Lost your keys? Enjoy our Key Services Option that will replace or reprogram lost or damaged keys. Need a loaner vehicle while yours is in the shop? No problem, our warranty plan even provides coverage on a rental car. Let yourself drive with confidence and peace of mind. Here at Smith Ford ESP, we offer prices lower than any dealership for the best Ford truck warranty on the market. Don’t miss out on maximum savings and coverage. Request your quote online now! Alternatively, give us call at 1-866-599-6444.