Planting Season is Here

The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are rising. We’re excited about the change of the season and anticipate all it has to offer. For our nation’s farmer, the time to prepare the fields and sow crops has arrived. Here at Smith Ford ESP, we understand how important timeliness is to the entire process of working on your farm or business. We know how important your Ford truck is in getting the job done. Whether you are hauling loads, moving lumber, or simply traveling from point A to point B, you need your truck to work at optimal proficiency and this is one of the many reasons why we offer our unbeatable Ford Truck Warranty. When the going gets tough, we have your back!

Our Ford Truck Warranty Keeps You Going

We’ve all been in a time crunch and experienced an unwelcome breakdown. The day just isn’t going as planned. Between hauling a trailer load, prepping the soil, planting, and running the family to all their destinations you don’t have the time for this hassle. Our ExtraCare Extended Warranty keeps your day moving right along. Coverage includes roadside service, repairs of an engine, transmission, front and rear-wheel drive and many other components of your beloved Ford truck. While your vehicle is down, you even get a loaner, so you never miss a beat! We understand how important your time is, and with our team backing you, you will achieve all you have planned. If you are unsure of which extended warranty is right for your needs, we have a handy comparison matrix to help you compare packages. You know your needs best, and we’re here to meet them.

Warranties Save You Money

Vehicle repairs are costly, especially unexpected ones. A warranty helps to maintain financial security by ensuring your vehicular investment does not become a money pit. Saving you money is a priority, and our warranties work to achieve this. When you rely on your truck to get the job done, it’s imperative it functions properly. Functionality is where our extended Ford truck warranties for diesel engines come into play. Super duty engines are designed to work hard for you, and our warranty ensures they continue to do so with minimal cost. Also covered by this plan is wear and tear, which makes your ownership of diesel trucks less expensive. It’s stressful to have an unexpected costly repair interrupt your business’s flow. Our warranties alleviate the stress of high dollar repairs and give you the best bang for your buck.  

We Cover More Than Just Ford Trucks

Your Ford truck workhorse isn’t the only vehicle covered by our warranties. We also cover Lincoln vehicles! Your luxury vehicle is important for your daily commute and family needs. We not only cover cars and trucks but also include hybrids, electric vehicles, SUVs, and crossovers. Let us take the pressure of unexpected expenses off your shoulders. Dead battery, no problem! Our warranties include 24-hour roadside assistance, towing and car rental services too. If you decide to sell your car, guess what? Your warranty is transferable to the next owner. That’s a fantastic selling point for when you are ready for the next vehicle in your life. We ensure you have no surprises with our non-stop coverage for all your repair needs. Call us for your discounted price at 1-866-599-6444 or get a free online quote today!