Summer is here, and school is out, which means more vacations and more traveling. Between quick day trips and long cross-country drives, it’s easy for vehicle owners to forget when their Lincoln factory warranty expires. Don’t let that be you. Breakdowns can occur even in the midst of summer fun, and here at Smith Ford ESP, we provide only the best-extended warranty plans for your Lincoln. Our warranties provide optimal coverage for costly repairs. Offer yourself peace of mind on the road this summer by investing in the most affordable coverage on the market.

Why You Should Invest in an Extended Warranty

The cost of one breakdown or repair could easily surpass the price of an extended warranty. Mechanics charge hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars. Not only that, but extensive maintenance could also leave you without a vehicle for days. Our Lincoln extended warranties resolve that issue. As a warranty owner, you have access to Ford certified mechanics anywhere across the North American continent. No matter where you are traveling this summer, you have access to the best vehicle care. We even provide rental car coverage while your Lincoln is in the shop. All of this for the price of a minimal deductible. Want to sell your car? Each of our extended warranties will transfer over to the next owner, which increases the value of your Lincoln and creates an attractive selling point. Whether you’re traveling or planning to sell your vehicle this summer, maximize coverage by investing in one of our Lincoln extended warranties.

choose a lincoln extended warranty when traveling

Protect Your Lincoln With Ford PremiumCARE

Lincoln’s “Quiet Luxury” brand has launched itself among America’s top luxury cars. Such an opulent vehicle, equipped with advanced technological features deserves the best and most affordable care. Protect your vehicle after your Lincoln factory warranty expires. Only the Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty will cover the high-tech attributes of your Lincoln MKS. Replacing parking sensors and dampers on luxury cars can cost thousands of dollars. Should these features fail, your PremiumCARE extended warranty will not only pay for the repair but ensure that certified mechanics only use authorized Lincoln parts. Ensure your Lincoln has the coverage it deserves when traveling this summer, check out our Ford PremiumCARE Extended Warranty.

Other Options to Consider

Not ready for complete comprehensive coverage for your Lincoln? No problem! We offer a variety of warranty plans that will suit each of your needs. The Ford BaseCare plan provides simple, yet sufficient coverage with services ranging from transmission to brakes. Take it a step up with the Ford ExtraCare service plan. This warranty provides the adequate coverage of the BaseCare plan, except it tosses the tech components of your vehicle into the equation. This plan is perfect for Lincoln owners who require service for the primary vehicle and tech components but aren’t ready to commit to full optimal coverage. See for yourself how coverage compares across the board.

choose a lincoln extended warranty to cover your vehicle when traveling

Choose Smith Ford ESP Over the Dealerships

Our objective at Smith Ford ESP is to maximize savings. The dealerships, being run by salesmen who work for commission, will often advertise low prices to sell as many warranties as they can. You will find that they eventually start pumping extra costs into your car payments to compensate for such a low cost. At Smith Ford ESP, we guarantee the lowest prices on the market. We’re an official discount provider of Lincoln extended warranties with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. With 95 years in the industry, we have the experience it takes to provide comprehensive extended coverage when your Lincoln factory warranty expires. The price we give you is the amount you pay, no surprises, no hidden costs. Whether you’re sporting a luxurious MKS or a Navigator cross-over, we have the perfect warranty plan that will suit your needs. Apply online, or give us a call at 1-866-599-6444 to obtain your free quote!